Entry #1

New Shmup

2017-09-21 04:55:45 by StuartsPixels


I'm working on a new game right now. First image:


The image is from day one of the proto-type, more focused on showing graphics than gameplay. It'll be coming out hopefully very soon, over the next month or two. 

 It'll be a shmup with rogue-like elements, it won't just be pure sidescrolling, there will be random generation and an element of exploration.

I want it to be skills based. About timing, picking which enemy to target, who to kill, when to do it. But you will be upgrading your ship and getting more powerful. A mix between strategic planning, and hopefully some hectic action.

It'll be made in Unity, not Puzzle Script, so as you can see the graphics style is very different. You can see more of the art so far here: https://stuarts-pixel-games.deviantart.com/gallery/



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